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Visionaire Dental Shells

Visionaire Dental Shells are a one-piece set of eight temporary esthetic tooth veneers which allow both the patient and the dental practitioner to quickly preview the final smile design for a complete denture. Both the patient and dentist view and agree on the final esthetic set-up, tooth shape and position, thereby reducing resets and remakes. Visionaire Dental Shells are available in four mold forms and three sizes for a total of 12 unique sizes and shapes. A chairside kit makes it easy for the dental practitioner to present the dental shells to their patients. Refill kits are sold separately. This patent pending device developed by Dr. Massad, gives the practitioner and patient the ability to visualize the final esthetic result prior to completion of a removable prosthesis. When using a hot water bath at 165 F (73 C), the Visionaire Dental Shells become very compliant, giving the clincian total flexiblity to change individual tooth position.

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This device was initially developed for complete denture patients, it has evolved to be utilized for the immediate denture patients and/or patients having full mouth crowns performed and has proven to allow now the prosthetic technician a way of communicating with the dental practitioner.

Item # Description Retail
TS-CHAIR3 Chairside Kit - Mirror Display with 12 Shells $99.00
TS-SM3 Small Molds in 4 Forms, 24 Shells $41.90
TS-MD3 Medium Molds in 4 Forms, 24 Shells $41.90
TS-LG3 Large Molds in 4 Forms, 24 Shells $41.90