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The Esthetic Lip Ruler

The Esthetic Lip Ruler assists dentists with analyzing both the upper and lower lips as they cover the inter-oral cavity. Each patient has a different show of teeth when they speak, relax and smile. When constructing any type of prosthesis, it is important for the dental practitioner to know the length of the lip when relaxed, speaking, and smiling in order to determine the height of the implant and the length of the teeth... a critical step in achieving a natural looking smile.

A Smart Design for Smile Design.

The Esthetic Lip Ruler is the first ruler on the market that measures the lower lip. Dental lip rulers have been on the market since the 1960's when it was first advocated by Jack Frush for measuring the upper lip. Jack Frush believed that the emphasis should be, in his own words, "to copy the disharmonies of nature in order to mask the artificiality of the restoration", and by measuring the upper lip at rest he could more accurately size the teeth and be one step closer to a natural display. We certainly agree, however we have since found that measuring the upper lip at rest is only part of the equation.

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More to the Equation.

In addition to taking measurements at rest, we believe there is a need to measure a patient's upper lip when smiling. By doing so, the practitioner then has information to compare to the resting lip. If a patient has a short lower lip, or a strong smiling lip, excessive and unaesthetic gingival tissue may be visible if the wrong size implant or tooth is used in the prosthesis. Understanding the spacial relationships between the maxillary ridge, resting lips, and the smiling lips will provide a predictable, esthetic prosthesis with a more natural look for each unique patient.

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