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DENLTINTRO introductory Package: 12 Disposable Trays (includes 2 Each of Small, Medium, & Large Upper, Small, Medium, & Large Lower) $39.95
DENLTSU Size Small Upper Disposable Trays (includes 12 Size Small Upper Trays) $39.95
DENLTMU Size Medium Upper Disposable Trays (includes 12 Size Medium Upper Trays) $39.95
DENLTLU Size Large Upper Disposable Trays (includes 12 Size Large Upper Trays) $39.95
DENLTSL Size Small Lower Disposable Trays (includes 12 Size Small Lower Trays) $39.95
DENLTML Size Medium Lower Disposable Trays (includes 12 Size Medium Lower Trays) $39.95
DENLTLL Size Large Lower Disposable Trays (includes 12 Size Large Lower Trays) $39.95

The Strong-Massad® Denplant® Impression Tray

Ask and You Shall Receive.

With the success of the Massad Impression Tray which was designed for the edentulous patient, it was only a matter of time before suggestions were pouring in requesting a fully featured dentate tray. Soon after, Dr. Massad collaborated with fellow team member, Dr. Samuel Strong, with one goal in mind to create an impression tray that provided better clarity, strength and design than conventional trays, and for a variety of different procedures. Together, the entire Massad team poured months of research and development into satisfying this goal. Mission accomplished! We are proud to introduce the Strong-Massad Denplant Tray, the most versatile and feature packed tray on the market.


We are proud to offer for the very first time a new tray feature that is absolutely perfect for all Dentate and Implant impressions. The Strong-Massad Denplant Trays are made with crystal clear material in order to allow you to view thru the tray and visualize the void allowed for your impression material. For an accurate impression, the goal is to have a minimum of one millimeter of impression material in all dimensions. Before now it was a guessing game, but now you can actually see whether or not there is ample room over the dentition, edentulous ridge, or implant impression coping to satisfy this requirement... prior to making the impression!


The Strong-Massad Denplant Trays are heat moldable with a hot water bath. This feature, first introduced on the Massad Impression Tray, allows you to bend, pinch, pull, or by any other means manipulate the tray using a hot water bath. Because the tray material has no memory, it retains the heat molded position, and at full strength, simply by cooling in tap water or allow it to cool in the mouth. In mere seconds, your Strong-Massad Denplant Tray has become a custom tray!


The Strong-Massad Denplant Trays share the advanced design features of the Massad Impression Trays including a physiological shape that allows you to easily maintain functional anatomy, an extended handle for ergonomics, and retention slots for proper flow of material. Key features in this new dentate tray include a deep and wide tooth channel that will accommodate most dental arrangements. And unique to the Strong-Massad Denplant Tray is a new feature that allows for easy removal post impression via integrated ledges that provide a convenient lip to catch with your finger... no more fishing around the patient's mouth!

For All...

One of the critical parts of the goal was to create a tray that would be suitable for use in a wide variety of situations and procedures. More and more uses are being reported by our testers, and here are just a few procedures that are enjoying more accurate and detailed results:

- Immediate Dentures

- Partial Dentures

- Implant Overdentures

- Combination Crowns & Partials

- Crowns & Implant Crowns

- Orthodontic Impressions

- Snoring and Sleep Apnea Appliances

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